Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Foxnews and US Conservatives: Assad's Unlikely Allies

If anyone has failed to notice as I have, the issue in Syria, you know, the biggest event in world news currently happening and the number one issue in the Middle East other than discussions of Iran's nuclear program is all but completely off the radar.

Lets make it clear the word "Syria" does not exist on a single headline on their webpage.  Now granted most of fox's regular viewers are a bunch of xenophobic, Muslim hating pseudo-fascists, so I suppose not having major reports against Assad shouldn't be a big surprise, but really, a "pastor" in Iran potentially facing a death sentence for apostasy ranks higher that nearly 100 people killed every day in Syria?  The cover up is outlandish.  We should not be surprised.  Anyone who falls American conservative media would realize that many of the self-ordained conservative "human rights" squawkers, and pro-Israeli conservatives (IE evangelical Zionists as opposed to actual Israeli and Jewish Zionists, most of whom are far less scary).

WND (World Net Daily) avoids the Syria discussion on its front page as readily as Fox. A search of pork eating "Jewish" Pamela Geller (used lightly for a woman who derides kosher and halal slaughter whether by accident or on purpose and who has a problem with Muslims not wanting to eat pork and Muslims residing in the US in general unless not actually Muslim), reveals that in the last 12 months since the rose of the Syrian revolution very few references to the mass slaughter there. Her strange bed fellow and hero "Wafa Sultan" is a self proclaimed ex Muslim, who tells everyone the "evils" of "Islam" by deriding Sunni Islam, a religion she never belonged to, and knows nothing about.  Her criticism of Islam, are entirely those of an outsider, as a loosely secular Alawite, a religion that is pretty far and wide from being a average Muslims.  Wafa preaches the Syrian government lies about the 1982 Massacre and accepts the Assad regimes propaganda on the subject and the Muslim Brotherhood, hook line and sinker.  So when it comes down to it Assad and Geller have a lot in common when it comes to the demonization of the "Muslim brotherhood" and make for interesting allies.  I have no doubt that Sultan is supporting Assad's bloody regime, albeit silently with her Christian extremist friends and believer of nothing Geller. 

I think what would be interesting is that many of these individuals would give lip service against Assad but then say things like "What about the Christians".  Their sin is one

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