Saturday, August 6, 2011

Who Are Enemies Who are Friends

For many years the people of Syria have had a positive view towards Hezbollah, in great part due to their role in the eventual expulsion of around 15 years of Israeli occupation of Southern Lebanon.

Yet one must ask who are the real enemies of the Syrian people today?

In Hama in 1982 tens of thousands were dead, city blocks flattened.  Not by Israelis, but by a sectarian headed regime trying to keep a strangle hold on the nation.  Then too, they blamed outside influences rather than a campaign of forced secularization that were a natural result of the regime's alliance with atheist Russia.

And today Russia continues their support of the regime amid the new crack down.

Now today we see it clearly once more: The Syrian people are being killed by Hezbollah, The Alawite rooted Mafia known as Shabiha, who terrorized Lebanon for decades, Iran, and the Syrian regime.

It would seem clear who the allies of the Syrian people are and who are their enemies. 

The people of Syria and the people of Iran have a common enemy: Mahmud Ahmedi Nejad, and his Revolutionary Guard.

The Syrian people have a common enemy with the people of Lebanon: Hezbollah, the political coercers of false elections in their mini state that has gained political control of Lebanon.

They have a common enemy in the political party of Imail Lehud, the Shabiha and the Syrian government.  Yet the Mustaqbal party, and Saed Al-Hariri are the real defenders of freedom in greater Sham against these enemies.

Turkey, however, appears to be the great hero of this massacre.  If only they would do more.

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